"Extract variable in Vim"

June 07, 2012

Given you are working on following code in Vim (cursor position is |):

for strawberry in |Strawbery.where(size: 'xxl')
  puts "Oh look, a #{strawberry.size} strawberry!"

You want to extract Strawbery.where... into a variable. Recently I've learned that typing <C-a> in insert mode inserts the characters that were typed previously in insert mode. Let's use it to extract a variable:

Cstrawberries<ESC>O<C-a> = <ESC>p

After using above key combo you end up with this:

strawberries = Strawbery.where(size: 'xxl')|
for strawberry in strawberries
  puts "Oh look, a #{strawberry.size} strawberry!"


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