"Announcing Coloration, editor color scheme converter"

July 24, 2010

Without further ado I'm introducing Coloration - editor/IDE color scheme converter. It is an evolution of tm2jed tool and at the moment it can convert Textmate color themes (in XML plist format) to Vim, JEdit and Kate/KWrite/KDevelop color schemes. So if you are Textmate->Vim convert or you just envy Textmate users for their good looking, dark themes now you have no excuse to not try out Coloration.

Here's how Vim with Sunburst theme looks like:

If you want to give Coloration a try you have two options. Either you can use online version at coloration.sickill.net or you can install ruby gem coloration:

gem install coloration

It will give you tm2vim, tm2jedit and tm2katepart commands. Note it requires ruby 1.9.

Let me know if you find it useful. Source code is available at github.com/sickill/coloration.


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