"Funny marketing bullshit"

June 21, 2009

Few days ago my workmates sent me a link to latest microsoft IE8 propaganda article called ‘Windows Internet Explorer 8: Get the facts’. When I opened it I wasn’t surprised, the comparison was full of understatements and lies. Just normal microsoft brainwash, nothing interesting.

I thought: this is so funny, I’ll bookmark it as some ‘funny’ stuff. So I opened delicious.com bookmark dialog and saw ‘Recommended’ and ‘Popular’ tags lists. Look at this:

Funny, marketing, bullshit, humor. I had exactly this in mind when I was opening bookmark dialog. Smile appeared on my face. If those tags are recommended by delicious it means that good percentage of people take it as bullshit. That’s nice. I’ve opened delicious page for this brainwash to check how many people bookmarked it:

142 bookmarks in 4 days. And looking at all tags assigned for this article we can see obvious tags like ie8, comparison, firefox, internet, explorer, web, microsoft. But almost all of bookmarks have tags like fraud, humor, funny, propaganda, marketing, FUD, ridiculous, lies.

Awareness grows.

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