"Textmate to JEdit Colour Theme Converter"

January 20, 2009

JEdit was my favourite code editor for a long time and I was polishing its configuration constantly to make it perfect. It has lots of great plugins which make it rather feature complete for me. As I’m working with the code 8+ hours a day I also need some nice colour scheme for my code. EditorScheme plugin adds support for changing schemes in JEdit and it’s bundled with several schemes. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a scheme which suits me…

Fortunately I saw several nice themes for Textmate which looked really sexy ;) Converting themes by hand was too much hassle so I’ve created tm2jed to convert them automatically. It’s written in ruby and all it does is reading given Textmate theme and outputing it as JEdit’s theme.

Following screenshots show how JEdit look with Twilight, Glow, Plastic Code Wrap and Glitter Bomb themes:

jedit with twilight theme jedit with glow theme jedit with plastic-code-wrap theme jedit with glitter-bomb theme

You can get tm2jed here (as zip archive). Alternatively you can get it from github.

Once you have it, run:

ruby tm2jed.rb some_textmate_theme.tmTheme

It will save converted theme as some_textmate_theme.jedit-scheme which you can put in schemes directory of your jedit settings folder. Then choose it in EditorScheme plugin inside JEdit and you have new shiny colour scheme!

Conversion is not perfect as JEdit and Textmate implement theming in different way but for most cases it works fine.

I’ve converted 16 Textmate themes so if you don’t want to mess with tm2jed you can grab them here in one zip file. It contains Cool Glow, Monokai, Starlight, Texari, idleFingers, Glitter Bomb, Plastic Code Wrap, Succulent, Twilight, Monoindustrial, Glow, RubyBlue, Sunburst, Vibrant Ink, IR_Black, Spectacular, Tango and Choco themes.

Read more about jedit, ruby, textmate, tm2jed.
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