About me

My name is Marcin Kulik.

I graduated from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland with a master's degree in computer science. I live in Cracow and I'm senior developer at Lunar Logic Polska, one of Poland's largest and most experienced agile Ruby on Rails development teams.

I live and breathe HTTP. I have been dealing with a wide variety of web and distributed applications for the last 10 years, in various languages like Ruby, Python and Java. I'm an experienced developer with tens of web applications developed and deployed in various setups.

Currently I use Ruby (and Rails) as my primary and preferred tool for building my apps. You could have seen me at a local KRUG meetings or at EuRuKo 2010 conference conference where I gave a presentation about interesting Rack stuff.

I also have experience in building distributed, high-availability, multi-threaded Java server-side apps working at 24/7/365, system daemons and tools that help programmers do their job.

I always try to use the right tool for the right job. That's why I'm always eager to learn new technologies.

Oh, and I like to have a choice. I'm a big open standards proponent and open-source contributor. I rely on OSS software for my everyday use. I'm a happy Linux user since 1999.

My code in the wild

On Github and BitBucket you can find my 30+ open-source projects and many contributions to popular projects. Here are few of many:

How/where to reach me?

jabber: m {at} ku1ik . com
irc (freenode): sickill
twitter: twitter.com/sickill
identi.ca: identi.ca/sickill

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